Auchlishie Livery


Offers clients either FULL or DIY/PART livery to suit you and your horse.


All livery clients have access to use the indoor and outdoor arenas outwith private hires as part of their livery package.  This also aplies to the cross coutnry course when the course is in operation outwith events andf private camps.

For further details and arrange to vist the yard please email


We regret we cannot accommodate grass livery only


DIY Stable Livery

Horse Stables at Auchlishie Livery

  • Stable
  • Paddock
  • Grazing
  • Hay/Haledge
  • Bedding
  • Full use of all facilties - Cross Country Course when open - Outdoor Sand Schools

Full Livery

Auclishie Livery offers livery services to suit you and your horse's requirements.

Typical Full Livery Services provided are 5 Day Full Livery and 7 Day Full Livery.

  • Stable
  • Paddock
  • Grazing
  • Horse Turned Out & Brought In
  • Fed Twice Daily
  • Rugs Changed
  • Stable Mucked Out
  • Hay or Haylege
  • Bedding -
  • Hard Feed
  • 24 Hour Supervision